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U.S. and Canadian government contacts
NCM is committed to helping you reach your government audience

For over 20 years, NCM has been helping organizations reach the government and get in touch with the appropriate government contacts.

NCM staff specializes in targeting the right government audience. We have over 2 million U.S government contacts in our database. We also have nearly half a million Canadian government contacts for our clients’ marketing to government needs.

We spend invaluable time talking to our clients and getting to know their marketing goals. We help narrow their government audience to specific and most appropriate government contacts for your product or service. Our clients know they are reaching the right government people.


NCM Consulting service consists of recommendations and reports on who is buying your product and how you can reach those government employees. We advise our clients on specific keywords within the government departments and within the job title that will help narrow down the selection of government contacts. You can choose a targeted list from our U.S government contacts or target the Canadian government through our Government of Canada employee files.

Whether it isthrough a marketing campaign, sponsoring government conferences, or increasing your visibility to government purchasers through directories and supplier databases, NCM group of companies can help your marketing efforts into the government.

For more information, please call Nigel Marsh, at 416-241-4000 ext.221 or email: marshn@ncmlist.com, or call Farina Nisha, at 416-241-4000 ext.222 or email: farina@ncmlist.com